Our Mission

Alberta has always been a driver of Canadian prosperity thanks to our bountiful resources and responsible government. In recent years, we’ve lost our way. It's time to bring back the conservative principles which have made prosperity possible: low taxes, free markets and fiscal responsibility.

Shaping Alberta’s Future (SAF) is a free market-oriented Political Action Committee (PAC) incorporated in the Province of Alberta. SAF was formed to promote Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party (UCP).  As a third-party advertiser, SAF is registered with Elections Alberta and reports to the Chief Electoral Officer of Alberta, as required by legislation.

Mission Statement & Objectives 

Shaping Alberta’s Future exists to raise funds to promote the principles of free enterprise, limited government, free markets, fiscal responsibility, and the removal of unnecessary government regulation. We believe in free-enterprise and economic growth that works for the individual, as it is the ultimate instrument of poverty alleviation, freedom of speech, and social justice for all.

Why Was SAF Formed? 

Following the election of the NDP in 2015, the government implemented new election finance and contribution rules for political parties and candidates, prohibiting corporate donations and reducing annual individual contributions from $30,000 to $4,000. While tightening donations to political parties, the Government created a new “third-party” legislative regime to allow PACs to engage in political fundraising from corporations, substantial personal contributors and unions. 

The political Left, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), radical environmental groups, and unions, have taken full advantage of similar rules in other jurisdictions.  For example, in the last Ontario election, there were more than 50 PACs, the vast majority of them left-leaning, that sought to influence the outcome of the election.  SAF was formed specifically to organize those who believe in freedom, whether individuals or corporations, to counter public sector unions and left-wing PACs.  Our goal is to defeat the NDP in the next Alberta Election.