Information for Donors

Shaping Alberta's Future is registered with Elections Alberta and complies with all electoral finance obligations.

What rules govern contributions?

By law, contributions made to Shaping Alberta’s Future for election advertising and valued over $250 must be publicly disclosed to Elections Alberta, which will publish online the name of the contributor, the city where they live and the amount of the donation.

Who can contribute, and how much?

Shaping Alberta's Future accepts election advertising contributions from individuals and corporate entities alike. There are no tax credits for personal contributions. Should you make a corporate contribution, we recommend that you consult with your professional accountant or tax lawyer to determine whether your donation may be deducted as an expense for taxation purposes.

As per the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act only Alberta residents, Alberta trade unions, and Alberta employee organizations may make election advertising contributions. Election advertising contributions from non-Albertan residents, unions, and corporations will not be accepted.

Unlike the $4,000 donation limit for registered political parties and candidates, there is NO contribution limit when contributing to Shaping Alberta's Future. However, we will consider each contribution on a case by case basis, with a view to preventing the use of major gifts to financially influence politics and policies. We believe this is a fair and balanced approach to take with contributions.